Active Resource Group team photo in color
Active Resource Group team photo in color


Who Is Behind Active Resource Group?

ARG director of marketing and operations Shane Burke color

Shane Burke Director of Marketing/Operations

Shane brings a wide array of digital and advertising experience to the table at ARG. Passionate about paid search marketing, the psychology of conversion and always producing the best product for our clients possible. In his free time, when he’s not reading about new industry trends and coming up with ideas on staying ahead of the curve then you can bet that he is spending time with his son, Quinten.

I Am: Motivated. Intuitive. Perceptive.

ARG visual designer Edit Varsanyi color

Edit Varsanyi Lead Visual Designer

She started working for leading marketing agencies in the early 2000’s and collaborated with high-profile clients for over a decade. As an experienced Visual/UX designer she is driven to deliver effective user experience solutions that ensure high conversion rates while keeping it simple, logical, consistent and beautiful. Aside from learning about new technologies and design trends Edit enjoys gardening, hiking in Southern California and ethnobotany.

I Am: Creative. Result Oriented. Ready to Learn.

ARG lead font end developer Ricky Adams color

Ricky Adams Lead Front-End Developer

Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Car Enthusiast. He is genuinely eager to learn about anything and everything. He often times wants to know how everything works, down to the bolt (mechanics), motherboard (computer hardware), or byte (computer software), and truly doesn't think there's a such thing as "Useless" knowledge.

I Am: Developer. Gearhead. Inquisitive.

Marissa Frantz - Content & Social Media Manager (color)

Marissa Frantz Content & Social Media Manager

With a background in social media and e-commerce content marketing, Marissa is passionate about delivering content that effectively tells the unique story of a brand. She enjoys researching new media trends in order to execute content marketing strategies in the best way possible. In her spare time, she loves being outdoors, hiking and spending time with her dogs.

I Am: Supportive. Instinctive. Observant.