The Free Website Contest has been Closed

Congratulations to Laura S. for winning our contest.

Thank you to those who participated. Be sure to check back later and follow us for future contests!

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How Does it Work?

Active Resource Group will select one (1) winner. We will contact the winner within seven days and inform them of the opportunity for a free website with Active Resource Group. If the winner does not respond within five days from the winning announcement another winner will be drawn in their place.

What Kind of Free Website Will I Receive?

Active Resource Group will offer the winner a brand new website design (or a redesign of their current website if desired), integrated Google Analytics, and search engine optimization. This package is valued at $1,650! The website design will be responsive, designed to look good on all devices, and includes up to 5 web pages. Additional pages, services and/or features may be purchased for an additional fee.

Winner Requirements

  1. The winner must be 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States of America.
  2. The winner is solely responsible for purchasing their own domain & hosting.
  3. The winner must supply Active Resource Group with the proper login administration credentials for their domain, hosting, and current WordPress site, where applicable.
  4. The new website will be designed with WordPress CMS.
  5. The winner is responsible for any website text, images, video or other content desired on the website.
  6. The winner will be required to sign our standard contract which outlines our website design process. Any features in addition to 5 web pages, search engine optimization, and integrated Google Analytics will be the sole financial responsibility of the winner.

This Is Active Resource Group

We know you are wondering if you can change the way people conceive your business.

We know you can and that is what we are about.